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Why AmeriSpec?

  • All of our certified home inspectors are thoroughly trained and stay updated on current building codes 
  • Over 25 years of home inspection industry experience 
  • Over 150 AmeriSpec® locations throughout North America  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

AmeriSpec has championed Breast Cancer as a cause worth fighting for and one that is important to our many partners in the real estate industry. During the month of October, we are helping to raise awareness to support this tremendous cause.

AmeriSpec gets National Exposure with Realtors

In November, look for AmeriSpec in both Realtor® and Real Estate Magazine. We will be unveiling a new full-page ad in Real Estate Magazine as well as featuring a four-page supplement in Realtor that spotlights not only our training and professionalism, but also includes information about the AmeriSpec Report binder. This will give buyers a complete overview of "What to Expect When We're Inspecting".
Click here to read the complete special publication.

What our customers think of us!

  • On time and does a good job leaving nothing out each time I use AmeriSpec. R.R. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • The inspector was very friendly. He advised that the AC units needed to be inspected by a specialist due to freezing which was done. When the HVAC specialist inspected the home systems he found that the furnace filters were caked in dirt which wasn't listed in the report. I also expected that the roof would be inspected more thoroughly. We had to have a roofer come out and he found things also not mentioned in the inspection report. I wasn't able to proceed with the peace of mind I expected after the above were realized without additional expense. A.S. October 01, 2014 Rating: 0
  • Extremely thorough! M.C. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Ed was friendly, knowledgeable and professional during the inspection. B.J.W. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. J.G. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Complete, concise report. B.W. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • On time, friendly and professional. M.S. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Very thorough and professional L.C. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • They can inspect promptly L.B. October 01, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Somewhere, I saw that it is recommended to stay with the inspector throughout the inspection. I felt, as I tried to do that, that I was getting in the way to some extent, and also that there wasn't a ton of information being shared until the end when we went over the report. Kevin was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable - it just seemed there was not much information being given throughout the process. Had I not had that expectation, I would not have thought it lacking as we went over everything that was an issue at the end. A.&M.C. October 01, 2014 Rating: 8
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