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Why AmeriSpec?

  • All of our certified home inspectors are thoroughly trained and stay updated on current building codes 
  • Over 25 years of home inspection industry experience 
  • Over 150 AmeriSpec® locations throughout North America  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

AmeriSpec has championed Breast Cancer as a cause worth fighting for and one that is important to our many partners in the real estate industry. During the month of October, we are helping to raise awareness to support this tremendous cause.

AmeriSpec gets National Exposure with Realtors

In November, look for AmeriSpec in both Realtor® and Real Estate Magazine. We will be unveiling a new full-page ad in Real Estate Magazine as well as featuring a four-page supplement in Realtor that spotlights not only our training and professionalism, but also includes information about the AmeriSpec Report binder. This will give buyers a complete overview of "What to Expect When We're Inspecting".
Click here to read the complete special publication.

What our customers think of us!

  • I that you did very well. G.M. September 18, 2014 Rating: 8
  • Angel is great and thorough. M.B. September 18, 2014 Rating: 9
  • Brian was very good and thorough. Explained everything with great detail. N.R. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Ease of scheduling appointment. Knowledge & expertise of inspectors. Homebuyer educational component of service. Easy to read reports & recommendations. J.L. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Reasonably priced. Experienced inspectors that don't over/under exaggerate the condition of the home. B.Y. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Photos attached with a detailed report. D.B. September 18, 2014 Rating: 9
  • Easy to schedule, very professional inspectors. Inspectors who took the time to discuss things they found with me... a great service all around. P.H. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Professional. knowledgeable. W.F. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
  • Well, my expectation was a whole house inspection would check the function of the kitchen sink draining in a timely manner without backing up, which it does, but, it is especially bad if the garbage disposal is used at all. Turns out this is due to a sharp turn in the pipe under the house making the disposal basically unusable and drainage prone to backing up. Found that out from a plumber at $95.00 per hour. will cost hundreds more to fix so I just don't use the disposal at all. Other than refunding me some $$, say $150.00 I'm not sure you can "make things right". The furnace filter was filthy, I did not discover right away because my whole house had been inspected and nothing was said about the furnace filter needing an immediate replacement. The master bedroom toilet is very slow to flush and the handle must be held down to get it to work. The side door from the garage to the side yard is actually an interior door, so it is badly warped as has not weathered well. That's about it. N.D. September 18, 2014 Rating: 2
  • Very honest and thorough. Customer's really appreciated both qualities. T.P. September 18, 2014 Rating: 10
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